Mattress Cleaning job we did this last Friday in Montreal



Us at QUALITY 1 sometimes don't realize how devastating it could be for our clients to have their mattress either stained or infected.   A good quality mattress is an investment that cost between few hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Last Friday we were called to help a client in Downtown Montreal. She left the country with her family for few days and left her cat at home.
When she came back she discovered that the cat urinated on her son mattress several times.
The mattress is not even 2 years old and it cost her about $1200. 
Her initial thought was to throw the mattress away, but before she did that a friend on facebook recommended us to attempt to clean it.
Urine stains cannot be removed just by using steam!  there is a need for a special cleaning agent that attacks the stain and reverses the stain.
The high temperature and the disinfectant agent we use kills the bacteria and eliminate the source of the odor.

To her satisfaction and ours :)  we were able to completely remove the urine stains from the mattress!   She was instructed to let the mattress dry for 24 hours before reusing it.

Does all urine stains come off?

Results in removing urine stains mattresses and upholstery furniture varies. Stains that exists for years reacts differently than once that was done recently. At Quality 1 Our Mattress cleaning professional will never promise you 100% stain removal. But rest assured that he will do his 100% to get the best results possible.
Mattress cleaning is effective when done by a trained professional. We inspect the stain before cleaning it in order to match the correct cleaning agents.  We utilize high-temperature steam to properly disinfect and kill all bacteria on and in the mattress surface.

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