Professional Leather Cleaning Montreal

Cleaning leather furniture is a very specialized job, and you most certainly want to hire a professional who knows how to clean various kinds of leather and finishes. our Specialists brings their 15 years of leather cleaning experience in the Montreal to you.

Should You Use Store Bought Leather Cleaning Kits?

Leather, is usually more expensive than standard fabric, and you want to go to the extra miles to clean and protect it the right way.
Did you know some leather cleaning kits that you can buy in the store can actually harm, rather than help, your leather? Those store-bought kits may leave your leather looking better in the short term, but they can break down the finish, which could lead to drying and cracking. 
Those cleaning kits are often contains solvents, silicone and lubricants; they can, over time, damage and dry out your leather furniture. The products we use moisturize and protect your leather, which helps keep it soft and in good shape for years to come without any detrimental side effects.

How Frequent Should You Clean Your Leather Furnitures?

Leather Furniture manufacturers recommends cleaning  your leather furniture every six to 12 months, depending on use. Most leather surfaces are absorbent by nature; if you use your leather couch, chairs or sofa on a daily basis, a professional leather cleaning should be part of your annual maintenance routine.

Why Leather Furniture Gets Dirty?

Oil, perspiration and acids found on the body transfer to the leather and can cause staining and serious damage.
Atmospheric oils, which could include cooking oils that get absorbed into the air and can be deposited on your leather, as well as the dirt tracked in from outside from you, your pets and your children.

We have been operating in the Greater Montreal since 2005. With our exemplary record of leather cleaning and professionalism, you can rest assured that we will provide quality care for the leather in your home. 




    $150 minimum per job


    Leather Cleaning projects are estimated case by case and depends on several factors. Please send us your leather furniture photos by email or SMS to get an accurate quote.


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