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Cleaning tile shower by hand is hard work. Shower tile cleaning is messy, uncomfortable and really difficult to match the cleaning results a professional ceramic shower tile and grout cleaning company produces. The largest reason is because grout is a porous material, collects dirt, soap, develops calcium deposits and often discolors. QUALITY 1  professional bathroom and shower cleaning which includes tile and grout cleaning service restores the look in your shower, making the shower look like new again. If You want your tile and grout to stay clean and tidy,  free of any mold or mildew. QUALITY 1 vapor cleaning technology will kill and neutralize all the shower grout surfaces, joints and tile free of all of the germs, fungus, mold and bacteria.

Tile Shower Vapor Steam Cleaning FAQ?

  • Why do i need my shower & grout cleaned?

Shower Grout just like natural stone, traps dirt , soap, and particles into the prose grout. Vapor steam shower cleaning is the best method to remove the dirt from the shower grout. This process combined with our specially formulated grout cleaners will get your grout clean.

  • Do you clean the caulk in my shower

Yes, although keep in mind that most silicon caulk require replacement upon cleaning therefore, in most cases we do completely remove the old caulk, and then apply new silicon caulk to the shower seams. Our caulk is anti-microbial which means its designed to prevent mold growth.

  • How often should I have my tile shower cleaned?

There a a variety of factors or conditions which impact the frequency of your shower cleaning needs. Is the water hard or in need of a water softener? Are there multiple types of shampoos , body wash, and grooming products in the shower? Do more than 1 person use the shower? Does the bathroom ventilated properly allowing steam to escape quickly?

  • How long does the shower cleaning process take?

 For an average size room it typically takes 60-90 minutes to clean the shower tile & grout. There are some factors which may increase the shower cleaning process. Tile size, grout width, years without cleaning & shower configuration are all things effecting the cleaning time.


Caulking & Re-grouting in Montreal,QC

Re-grouting expand the life of your shower and reduce shower rebuilding or remodeling costs. The QUALITY 1 offers also grout removal or regrouting services. Why spend money and time re-tilling or remodeling the whole shower, QUALITY 1  re-grouting services improve the look and appearance of your shower while strengthening the construction too!

 Does your shower have gout joints which are cracked and falling apart? If so, call QUALITY 1 today and receive a FREE estimate to clean, re-build, or replace your ceramic shower.



$200 minimum per job

Shower tile surface  $5 per square foot
Standard bathtub $50
Toilet bowl $20
Sink  $15
Urinals $40

The pricing above is a guideline. For more accurate estimate please send your mattress photos to us by email or SMS.

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