Upholstery Cleaning Montreal

Whether you have a silk sofa, an antique cotton velvet couch or a simple synthetic weave. We clean them properly and safely. Fabric mills today and in the past have produced thousands of different fibers and weaves for today’s upholstery market. We pride ourselves on our ability to clean virtually any of those fabrics incorporated in any type of upholstery.

We have a variety of different cleaning methods available, from pure solvent dry cleaning to shampooing and Vapor extraction. Pet stains and odors can be attacked using specially developed procedures. Protect your investment with our fabric protection treatment and don’t lose sleep worrying about the kids and pets sleeping on your upholstered furniture. All of these processes have their place and guess what? We offer them all!



$150 minimum per job


For accurate and smooth service please send your rooms photos to us by email or SMS.

Love Seat $75
3 Seater Couch $85
4 Seater Couch $90
Odomen $45
detached cushin $5 rach
Armchair $40
Dining room chairs $12-$20 each


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